…blots and blurs and balls and hoops and wriggles and juxtaposed jottings linked by spurts of speed: it only looks as like it as damn it: and, sure, we ought really to rest thankful that at this deleteful hour of dungflies dawning we have even written on with dried ink scrap of paper at all to show for ourselves…

James Joyce, from “Finnegans Wake”

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#they should call themselves the bald musketeers

Is there anything in your life that would keep God from blessing you.

Francis Chan talking about taking the stage at Momentum in prior years, a question asked speakers before they take the stage. (via followjesuschrist)

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When I go on vacation with a guy

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I’m afriad what you heard was… give me a lot of bacon and eggs. That’s not what I said.

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Pretty Lights ft. Biggie Smalls ›

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After a big meal

When someone tells me I look like shit when I’m tired